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Kick Keswick Covers

The Lowdown on Kick

Name: Kathleen Day Keswick (aka "Kick")

Occupation: Greatest Jewel Thief in the World (Retired)

AKA: The Shamrock Burglar

Interests: Jewelry, great hotels, gourmet food and wine, luxury of any sort

Age: Sixtysomething, but never verified

Aspiration: To live quietly and anonymously on her farm in Provence, La Petite Pomme.

Inspiration: Doris Day

Greatest Strengths: Precision and taste

Biggest Problem: Copy Cats and Shamrock Burglar Impersonators

Praise for the Kick Keswick Series

The Real Thing

The Real Thing

"Kick is, well, a kick-ass character, and I think Kellogg's writing is first-rate. As Lillian Hellman said, 'The right words, not too many of them, and in the right order.'"
   —Linda Ellerbee, Journalist

"For some, a good book is one those cherished occasions to visit with or perhaps even pretend to be a person of celestial bearing. A fine and satisfying Marne Davis Kellogg mystery is such an event, one to be eagerly anticipated, as was The Real Thing. So delicious that waiting was far too much, a near-daily expression of longing. I was compelled to reread the previous four Kick Keswick escapades while waiting. High jinks and low moments on the Riviera. Sparkling gems. Extravaganzas. Love. Wicked mischief. Divine meals with Kick as dessert. The Real Thing arrived. An appetite for adventure satiated. Only until the next Marne Davis Kellogg mystery."
   —Kit Wohl, author, delighted reader

"This is escapist crime fiction with a dash of panache and style, reminding me very much of the Cary Grant/Grace Kelly film To Catch a Thief as it shares many of the same settings on the French Riviera."
   —Crime Fiction Lover

"A great addition to the series. I was concerned it wouldn't have all the things that I loved about the series but I shouldn't have worried. There are still the wonderful descriptions of food, colors, clothing, and all the finer things in life that Kick enjoys. The fact that God speaks to her early on in the book does not weigh down the book or ruin it in any way. In fact, she handles it in a very Kick-like way and it actually adds humor to the book. I really hope there are more to come in this series!"
   —Krista, GoodReads

Friends in High Places


"Break out the bubbly (Dom Perignon, of course)! Kellogg's high-flying, high-class jewelry thief turned jewelry sleuth, Kick Keswick, is back.... Decadent as a finely shaved white truffle, frothy as a lemon soufflé, Kellogg's delectably glamorous Kick Keswick mystery series offers a zesty, sensuous foray into the lifestyles of the obscenely wealthy and egregiously infamous."

"Kick Keswick, bling-burglar extraordinaire, 'rocks' again. Her unapologetic joie de vivre, unhampered by qualms about age, weight or fleecing philistines, will thrill. . ."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Readers who agree that upper-crust manners and mannerisms are more important than honesty, integrity or abiding by the law will be most satisfied."
   —Publishers Weekly



"Kellogg's focus tends be on the luxurious food, clothing and jewels of the heroine and less on the mystery at hand, but it works. It is all part of a well-developed and charismatic character. Kick is why we are reading the novel and the mystery at hand is really the sideshow. . . Kellogg is a master at detective novels. With this addition to her Kick Keswick series, Perfect is just that."
   —The Denver Post

"A sharp dressed vixen who never let her job get in the way of having a decadent meal or a good long soak, Kick is tailor-made for a slick, smart women's film in which the adventures are daring but hardly life-threatening and filled with an addictive la dolce vita buzz."
   —The Hollywood Reporter

". . .a breezy, addictive entertainment . . . Kick is a delightful protagonist: utterly indulgent and yet self-disciplined, needing only herself to get through life, but loving her husband for the fun of it. Kellogg's burnished prose deftly immerses readers in a deeply pleasurable world of shameless wealth, yet neither author nor heroine ever seems like a snob."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"In Kellogg's latest frothy adventure . . . (Kick Keswick) has what it takes to slip right into the character of Princess Margaret of Romania and penetrate the haute monde of the exclusive Swiss resort . . . her fans won't be disappointed."
   —Publishers Weekly

"The author has truly hit her stride in this series, which she writes with an arch tone and a terrific sense of humor. Perfect is her third romp through the lifestyles of the rich and reclusive - those who have not just money but good taste. It's a fantasy set in a private Swiss resort, with mink-trimmed Bogner outfits, enormous jewels and lines such as 'Your sleigh is here, ma'am.' Perfect is a perfect chocolate souffle - one of Kick's signature dishes because, of course, she's also a gourmet cook—airy, light and delicious."
   —Rocky Mountain News



"Priceless is a delightful caper. Fast-paced, atmospheric, and wryly amusing, the Kick saga (like the Dom Perignon Kick is so fond of) has aged well and lost none of its fizz."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"This is a small gem, as carefully crafted as a Cartier bijou. Kellogg tells the story in Kick's inimitable voice, and it's as much fun to hear her describe her magnificent outfits and accessories as it is to listen to her plot crimes. And like a ring set in platinum, the Italian Riviera landscape makes a gorgeous backdrop for Kick's escapades."

"Of course, this is all pure fantasy, but it's well-paced and loaded with details that will have readers lusting after Kick's luxury cars, wardrobe, jewelry and unabashed appetite for not only her husband ... but also for great food. How refreshing in these days of Size Zero stars: a voluptuous heroine who carries just a little extra weight, looks fabulous in her Chanels, and thoroughly enjoys every ounce."
   —The Seattle Times

"Priceless is a cocktail of romance and intrigue that takes place at a level of society that most readers can only imagine."
   —The Denver Post



"Kick Keswick proves a strong, delightful and intelligent anti-heroine as she leads the reader on a marvelous romp through London auction houses, the homes of the rich and famous, and the Provence countryside...Full of fun and flare, Kick is indeed a kick, and Brilliant proves to be a gem of summer reading." STARRED REVIEW
   —Library Journal

"...a sensual and lush romp through the rarified world of money and power in London. Brilliant is a fun and engaging read, well-written, well-plotted, with memorable characters and a concrete sense of place and time."
   —Nashville Tenessean

"Brilliant fills the beach book bill admirably: fast-paced, well-written, and full of colorful (if morally ambiguous) characters...Madly entertaining - especially the surprise ending which is a real, um, kick."
   —The Seattle Times

"A witty page-turner...a suspenseful account, with humor and a real sense of style."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Kellogg's characters live in a world removed from most readers' experiences, but she makes them appealing and familiar so readers can empathize with their lives. Since the story is written in the first person in Kick's voice, the adventure is up close and personal, revealing her fascinating thought processes. Brilliant is pure fun and offers a revealing peek into the lives of the rich and titled in London."
   —The Denver Post

"Marne Davis Kellogg has written an elegant and luscious suspense novel, filled with intriguing twists and turns. As always, Ms. Kellogg's characters are funny, sexy, interesting and quirky. Brilliant is, in a word, brilliant."
   —Nelson DeMille

"Here's a heroine who loves diamonds, great food, and great ways to get revenge. What more could any woman want? Brilliant is a delicious novel that you'll devour like the most scrumptious meal. I loved Kick Keswick—I wouldn't want to mess with her, but I would enjoy hanging out with her."
   —Janet Evanovich

"Great wines, elegant villains, remarkable sex and a surprise ending—what more could any reader ask?"
   —Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, authors of "Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes from a Marriage" and "The Wall Street Journal Guide to Wine"

"Marne Davis Kellogg's portrait of a world of opulence and decadence is so vivid, she must be an insider. Enjoy the guilty pleasures of Brilliant. I did."
   —Harry Smith, Anchor of CBS "Early Show" & Host of A&E Biography