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"Fast-paced international suspense, combined with sly social satire:
unprincipled fun, overall, served up with consummate skill."

   —Kirkus Reviews



A sweeping novel of suspense and intrigue—played out against the glamorous playgrounds of the rich; starring a beautiful and mysterious woman who leaves a path of death and destruction in her wake.

Jacqueline di Fidelio is a portrait painter with an international reputation and a dark secret in her past. Loyal only to her butler, closest friend, and confidant, the snobbish, neurotic, and completely amoral Nigel Weatherby-Smith, Jacqueline is fiercely independent—until it comes to affairs of the heart. Her penchant for toxic romantic involvements draws her to the worst kinds of men—from the rakishly unreliable and very married Ryder McCormick, her mother's former lover who has enthralled her since childhood, to Armand Weil, a debonair, fabulously wealthy art dealer who sweeps her off her feet, promises to take care of her forever, and deserts her at the worst possible moment. Junior Hammond, the sybaritic, obese, and uncultured heir to the Hammond oil fortune, finally succeeds in winning her hand in marriage. But like Jacqueline's other liaisons, the romance is soon wrapped in deadly shadows as members of the Hammond family begin to die in mysterious ways whenever Jacqueline is on the scene.

Is Jacqueline the innocent victim of careless, uncaring men and circumstances beyond her control, or is she a dangerous manipulator, ruthlessly using her lovers to ensure her own survival? Does her apparent fragility actually mask a cold, lethal core, an insatiable need to prove her invulnerability?

Taking readers from the lush hunt country of Virginia to New York City's glamorous art world, from the winter wonderland of Aspen, Colorado to the treacherous mountains of Nepal, Insatiable builds to almost unbearable suspense. It is only in the stunning final pages that we discover the terrible secret that haunts Jacqueline—and may have turned her into a killer.

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"Davis Kellogg has struck gold with Insatiable—24-carat, of course."
   —Jane Dickinson, Denver Rocky Mountain News

"Ms. Kellogg does it again... All new characters but still an hilarious romp with the rich and famous. "Nigel", the narrator/butler who is never away from his Physician's Deskbook is wonderful. He has a droll sense of humor and while puffing himself up, manages to deflate those around him. Ms. Kellogg captures the Virginia hunt country and its denizens perfectly. The book has art theft, murder, a yacht called Kiss-Kiss, murder, adultery, murder, dogs, Persian cats and murder."
   —Della Dirickson.

"People who actually read books may recall Tom Wolfe's 1987 novel, The Bonfire of Vanities. It includes a party thrown by a Wall Street mogul where the guests—'social X-rays,' Wolfe called them—are dissected in delicious detail as representing the worst of '80s-excess New York....Author Marne Davis Kellogg, whose latest and sixth mystery, Insatiable... again shows she has one of the best eyes for that sort of detail since Wolfe."
   —J. Sebastian Sinisi, The Denver Post

"Kellogg leaves the West behind this time, with a sly caper featuring the butler-detective Nigel Weatherby-Smythe. Fast-paced international suspense, combined with sly social satire: unprincipled fun, overall, served up with consummate skill."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Insatiable is a fast-moving and very funny story of high crimes and low society, nouveau riche oil people, and international art dealers. This novel puts Marne Davis Kellogg on the map as one of America's premiere suspense writers. Her sharp style and scathing wit are wonderful, and when you've finished Insatiable, you'll wonder where you left your moral compass, or even if you had one. Sexy, irreverent, and wicked. An absolute winner."
   —Nelson DeMille

Doubleday, hardcover, January 2001, ISBN: 978-0385495783
Bantam, mass market paperback, November 2001, ISBN: 978-0553581690