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Marne Davis Kellogg
Author photo by Peter M. Kellogg


Summer is upon us!

Summertime in our house means opening up the ranch house after a long snowy winter—an arduous job that is undertaken by our Ranch Manager Jeff DeDisse and his wife, Kelli, their nephew Brady Pritchett, and Gail Downare, who looks after all the family houses at Indian Creek. They are the ones who do the heavy-lifting and for whom I am forever grateful. Because of their hard work, Peter and I can head for the hills on Thursday or Friday afternoons and come back to town on Monday, rested and ready for the week. Whatever it brings.

The ranch is also where I do most of my special baking and cooking—I'm especially looking forward to taking up the challenge of a Caramel Cake. The icing is the tightrope. If it works, I'll post the recipe. It's something that Kick Keswick could make in a snap!

I'm hoping to do a lot of writing at the ranch this summer where it will be beautiful and cool, and if it gets too hot, I'll go lie in the creek, sip a frosty glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and think about who Kick should rob next and what she should wear while doing it.

Have a wonderful summer.


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