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Marne Davis Kellogg
Author photo by Peter M. Kellogg


Over the years, I've been honored to receive messages from many of you about how Kick Keswick has helped you through difficult times, whether it's chemo, divorce, disaster, missed flights, or floods, because she lives in such a beautiful, delicious, sophisticated, and luxurious world. She takes all of us away from our problems, myself included!

I've received a number of requests to expound a bit on The Real Thing's spiritual aspect and backstory, so I hope you find this of interest.

In 2008, Peter and I were leaving a restaurant and a young woman followed us out and introduced herself. She explained that she was married and had four children, ages 2-12, and was a long-time fan and that the Kick books had helped her survive an extensive chemo regimen for a particularly vicious cancer: small cell carcinoma. While she was having the treatments, she'd read the books over and over and they'd helped her escape her current conditions. She was now in remission. And was I working on another Kick book? It so happened I wasn't and didn't plan to start one anytime soon. She and I became friends, meeting for lunch once a month or so, and communicating frequently by email or text. When her cancer returned, I went to work on The Real Thing and sent her chapters as I finished them. She died in 2010 when I was about halfway through the book, although I'd told her what the ending would be. I was honored to give the eulogy at her funeral. The power of her faith and courage demonstrated to me in a very clear way that—like Kick—we can't just depend on ourselves, we need God in our lives.

Kick faces some harsh realities in The Real Thing, but she's always elegantly dressed, impeccably made-up and bejeweled, wonderfully wily, occasionally tipsy, and . . . frightened out of her wits by some very scary Ukrainians. For the first time in her life, she has no exit strategy.

So, whether you're on a flight to Paris, or facing a tough, lonely afternoon, or simply want to leave the planet for awhile, welcome to Kick's world of elegance and comfort. She won't change your life, but she can change your day!

All the books in the series—Brilliant, Priceless, Perfect, Friends in High Places, and The Real Thing—are now available as eBooks on all platforms.



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